Lorene Wapotich

Lorene is the Founder and Executive Director of Feet on the Earth Programs. She is the author of the forthcoming book, loreneHer Feet on the Earth: Creating Nature-based Rites of Passage for Girls, which shares the model she developed for using long-term, nature-based mentoring and community-supported wilderness rites of passage to enhance positive identity formation, connection to authentic self, and the development of resilience in pre-adolescent and adolescent girls.

Lorene holds a Bachelors Degree in Wilderness Leadership and Natural History Education and a Masters in Education. She has 20 years experience as a wilderness guide, naturalist, educator/mentor, and herbalist in the Wise Woman Tradition. She has extensive experience designing and leading a wide range of nature-based programs, including rites of passage. Lorene is a dynamic teacher who is passionate about connecting people with nature and their inner power and wisdom.

Program Coordinator

Darilynn BirseDarilynn

Darilynn Birse grew up in coastal, southern Maine and holds a Bachelors of Arts Degree from Naropa University where she studied Contemplative Psychology, Health and Healing Psychology, and Sacred Ecology. She grew up loving the outdoors, where her days were filled by lots of beach and tidal pool explorations, camping with the family, hiking through the White Mountains, and skiing all over the east and west of North America. Her love for nature and desire to help our community reconnect to the natural world led her to Naropa, where she studied ways that the human community can both be closer to the earth as well as closer to themselves. Since moving to Colorado, she has enjoyed skiing and hiking in the Rockies and really hopes to someday see a mountain lion. A desire to reach out to children led her to Feet on the Earth and since working with Feet on the Earth she has discovered and embarked on a life long passion of naturalist education, community-centered leadership, herbal medicine, primitive skills and knowledge, and the amazing healing powers of the natural world!


Daelinar Adama

DaelinarDaelinar grew up in rural Massachusetts running around in the woods with his dog, picking wild berries, and fishing with his grandfather. This early connection with nature eventually led to a Bachelor's degree from Naropa specializing in Ecology, Native American Studies, and Sustainable Community Development. He is a man of many talents and passions which include cooking, nutrition, fitness, permaculture, history, percussion, herbalism, and being a great Dad! He has mentored many children over the years through his own martial arts classes, several experiential education companies, and has even developed a Rites of Passage program for boys. He deeply believes that children are true treasures to be nurtured, nourished, educated, empowered, and loved so they may live long, healthy, happy lives and lead the world into a new era of sustainability and enlightenment.

Kyle BrennisDarilynn

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Patrick Fallon

Patrick grew up in Southern NJ on the rural/suburban border with ample woods to run and play, catch toads and climb trees! This set the foundation for a lifelong love of the outdoors! Pat is a lover of the natural world and is always ready to share this passion with others. PatHe is that weirdo that points out hawks to strangers whether they care or not! Some years and another lifetime ago this passion led him to leave his computer job, move to the Puget Sound region of Washington state and dedicate his life to connecting people with nature along with his partner (and now wife), Melissa. He received extensive training in nature awareness and mentoring at the Wilderness Awareness School. The first year helped him gain a deeper awareness and connection to nature, community, and self through the Anake Outdoor School program, and during the second year at the Anake Leadership Program, Pat was immersed in the skills of nature mentoring, working as an apprentice for two separate weekly homeschool nature programs for children: Roots and Wings (4-6yrs) and Foxes (7-9yrs). Since then he has instructed in numerous programs with Wilderness Awareness School, taught at a Farm preschool and was a lead instructor at the Fire Tenders program (7-13yrs) at Vashon Wilderness Program. Patrick's playful and exuberant personality and love of the little things translate perfectly to working with children. Wherever Pat goes, he always has an eye out for the birds and an ear listening for music in the trees.

Wendy Kaas

For most of her adult life, Wendy Kaas has been in eager pursuit of the inherent magic and mysticism of nature. After a massive perspective-changing healership training in Plant WendySpirit Medicine, she has resided in genuine awe and wonder at the human potential to be in deep relationship with the natural world. This discovery has led her to her teacher Malidoma Some, a West African elder helping to cultivate mutually beneficial relationships to our ancestors and to the inherent consciousnesses of nature. After meeting Lorene and working with Feet on the Earth, Wendy has been honored and excited to learn and grow along with the all children and staff at Feet on the Earth. Born and raised just outside of New York City, she still can't believe that she can now make a fire from a hand-carved bow drill set and tan animal hides by smushing brains into them. She loves traveling and is really happy to tell you about the time she sailed around the world... but mostly she's just grateful to be here, surrounded by inspiring people and the beautiful wilderness of her Colorado home.

Catherine Pantaleocatherine

Catherine Pantaleo CN CCH has a Bachelors Degree in Biology from the University of Miami, and is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist and Herbalist. For the past 12 years, she has taught a variety of holistic health and life science subjects at several Boulder/Denver area schools, including: Rocky Mountain Center for Botanical Studies, Seven Bowls School of Nutrition, North American Institute of Medical Herbalism, Healing Spirits Massage Training Program, and Nutrition Therapy Institute. Recently she has shifted her focus from adult to youth education and in May 2012 completed the Women's Apprenticeship program at Feet on the Earth, which focused on nature-connection mentoring, primitive/survival skills, children's development, and Rites of Passage. Catherine also is a Naturalist in training; she is enrolled in the Kamana Naturalist Training Program, a correspondence program through the Wilderness Awareness School. Using Nature as a classroom, her goal is to co-create a community whose members are confident in who they are, have knowledge of self and place, and have compassion and respect for all life.

Arielle Powersarielle

Arielle grew up in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, spending much of her time playing in wilderness with her three brothers. She studied birds, plants, and other wildlife with her mother, gaining a deep appreciation for nature, its abundance, and the ancient knowledge that we can gain from studying the complex ecosystems of our world. Throughout her college career at the University of Colorado at Boulder, she completed a Community Studies program that taught her about different social and environmental issues and how to organize people to confront these injustices. At the same time, she became deeply involved in the field of Education and spent many hours volunteering with in-school and after-school programs that empowered youth to get involved in their communities through the arts and service-learning. She continued this work and created her own programs as well as offshoots of programs that she worked with at this time. She found this work with youth to empower both herself and the young people she worked with. Since this time, she has believed strongly that education is the most powerful force we have to confront the social and environmental issues of our time. Her work with Feet on the Earth has inspired her to continue to tap into this ancient source of knowledge we can gain from nature and to pass it on to the younger generation in the area. She is currently one of the mentors with Robin Circle and has been with the organization since the summer of 2013.

Pinar Sinopoulos-Lloyd

PinarPinar Sinopoulos-Lloyd has always been allured by how the natural world mirrors one's internal landscape. Enchanted by the liminal, Pinar identifies as genderfluid QPOC (Queer Person of Color) with their mother's side native to the Americas. Their self-designed studies include a B.A. in Somatic & Depth Ecopsychology from Prescott College, graduating from the Wilderness Awareness School's Anake Outdoor School and Wildlife Tracking Intensive as well as other immersive studies at Animas Valley Institute, Naropa University, Esalen Institute, and is also a certified Wilderness First Responder. Their greatest mentors have been of the more-than-human; desert creeks, grey foxes, canyon wrens and cottonwoods to name a few. Pinar's passions include wilderness/ancestral skills, rites of passage, the human animal, indigenous solidarity work, natural history, soul work, longbow archery, wildlife tracking and the ecological intelligence of emotions. Pinar plans to go back to graduate school to deepen their studies in ecopsychology and to assist in a collaborative vision with their spouse to guide LGBTQIA quests.

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